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Alpine CustomerService

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Magento extension that displays real-time customer service availability status messages to your customers.



This Magento extension displays a Customer Service availability status message for your customers to see.


  • Adds message on frontend, indicating current customer service availability (available on phone / write an email)
  • Configure working hours for each day of the week
  • Configure special holiday hours

Customer Service Availability Extension

To improve sale conversion rates, it is essential that customers feel comfortable ordering from your online retail website. One way to ensure that customers feel comfortable is to let them know that your customer support team is available and ready to help. We have created the Customer Support Availability extension to help your customers feel comfortable knowing that customer support is available in the event that they should they need it. When customer support live help is unavailable, for example during holidays or off-hours, we have developed the extension to display configurable alternative messages that still allow for the customer to feel that support will be available.

Our extension displays a customer support message on the frontend in the header, so that it renders on all pages. Since the availability message is dynamic, as it changes depending on your configuration settings, we have carefully applied a solution to prevent the messages from being cached within magento's full page cache system.

Increase Customer Service Usage

A good customer service team is very valuable to a company, especially when assisting a first-time customer. If you can get a potential sale on the phone with a good customer service representative, you have a much higher chance of converting the sale. Our extension allows for customers to easily reach out to customer support, thus increasing the productivity of your customer support team, as well as increase sales and the opportunity for repeat business.

How To Use


Installation is simple and straight-forward. Copy the app and skin directories to your root Magento directory, login as administrator (log out and log back in if you were already logged-in as admin) and clear the cache. If you are using a custom theme, then you may need to integrate the frontend templates into your custom theme. If you need assistance with customizing the extension to work with your theme, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.


Initial configuration should be set up in administration by selecting:
Customer Service > Configuration, and setting your customer service hours for each day.

To override your default customer service hours configuration for a specific day go to administration and select:
Customer Service > Holidays.
Proceed to click the button to add a new entry. Fill out the form and save to add the holiday override.