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Alpine SuperAttribute

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This extension displays simple products maximum values of super attributes on a configurable product's detail page.


Magento extension that will display a configurable product's simple product super attributes maximum values on the frontend view page.

Configurable Products

On Magento's frontend, configurable products look like a single product with drop-down lists of attribute options for each variation. The combination of variations are actually unique simple products that have been created based off the configurable parent product.

Configurable Product Options

Some of the attribute options have logical maximum values, which, when displayed on the frontend, can enhance a customer's shopping experience. For example, a configurable product, such as a network-attached storage unit with configurable attribute options of total hard drive bays, has a maximum amount. Let's say the storage unit's base minimum is three drive bays, but different models of the unit's product line allow for as many as ten drive bays, then the consumer could benefit from knowing that the maximum amount of drive bays for that product line is ten. By default, Magento does not support the displaying of the maximum number of bays except in the drop-down options, assuming the simple product is in stock.

This extension is also useful for displaying option maximum values when a product is out of stock and the attribute option dropdowns are temporarily unavailable.

How To Use


Installation is simple and straight-forward. Copy the app and skin directories to your root Magento directory, log in as administrator (log out and log back in if you were already logged-in as admin) and clear the cache. If you are using a custom theme, then you may need to integrate the frontend templates into your custom theme. If you need assistance with customizing the extension to work with your theme, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.


Choose attributes to show by default on the additional information tab of configurable product detail pages:

Navigate to System > Configuration > Attributes Config > Bullet Options. Then select which attributes you would like to display by default on the additional information tab for product details pages. Note that you may select multiple attributes.

Alternatively, you may select the attributes on an individual product's admin page. Simply, select the attributes under the "Bullet Options" box of the parent configurable product.

When viewing an attribute's frontend properties, you will notice that two additional fields have been added at the bottom. These two fields are "Show Max Value" and "Show Max Value Prefix Text".

Selecting yes for "Show Max Value" enables the extension to display the maximum value on the frontend.

The value entered for "Show Max Value Prefix Text" will insert static text prior to the attribute maximum value. Optionally, you can leave this field blank.