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Alpine Theme Configurator

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This extension adds one additional theme fallback level before default. This is for Magento versions:
Up to, including 1.8.x CE
Up to, including 1.13.x EE.
Versions beyond these use Magento's built-in inifinite theme fallback system.



Adds one additional theme fallback level to Magento. Applies to versions: up to 1.8.x CE, and up to 1.13.x EE.

Most Magento developers have come across situations where an additional fall-back theme layer would prove to be very helpful. Recognizing the benefits of the additional theme layer, we have created an extension that would provide this functionality.

By default Magento provides the following fallback strategy for design and skin files (PackageName — ThemeName):

  • mypackage — mytheme
  • mypackage — default
  • base — default

This extension add one additional theme fallback level before default:

  • mypackage — mytheme
  • mypackage — before default
  • mypackage — default
  • base — default

How To Use


Installation is simple and straight-forward. Copy the app and skin directories to your root Magento directory, login as administrator (log out and log back in if you were already logged-in as admin) and clear the cache. If you are using a custom theme, then you may need to integrate the frontend templates into your custom theme. If you need assistance with customizing the extension to work with your theme, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.


Navigate to: System > Configuration > Design > Themes > Before Default field in order to apply the additional fallback level.